Pure Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates studio located in Denver, CO. We are focused on personalized instruction using the classical Pilates method as developed and taught by Joseph Pilates in his New York studio. Our commitment is to the development stronger, longer, more agile bodies that breathe better, focus more readily, and perform with power.

Movement for Life

Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can get on the path to health through Pilates.  Our body is designed to breathe, circulate and move.  The activity of life and injury compromise our ability to move in balance, but it is never too late to re-pattern our movement and develop uniform strength.  The result is a strong, efficient body.  We can do with confidence the things in life we most enjoy better, longer and pain free.

“There is no bad movement, only movement badly done.”  Eve Gentry, Pilates Elder

Through personalized instruction, clients are encouraged, challenged and empowered to move so the choreography of each exercise and the tone of every movement is progressively improved. As we work together in each session to reach the full potential and benefit of every exercise performed, the student's goals are met because the needs of their body are individually addressed. It is not long before students are able to do things they never thought they could.  Pilates is as gentle as it needs to be and as challenging as you want it to be.

Classes are small so all participants receive personalized direction and the integrity of the work is preserved.

Pre-Formance - Pilates for Young Athletes                                                     Pre-Formance is the pre-training and pre-game work done to prepare athletes for optimal performance in thier sport. Pre-Formance Pilates is based on classical matowrk and prepares athlets for practice and games by activating muscles, organizing movement and focusing the mind. Pre-Formance warms up the athlete while building strenth and emphasizing the body working as a whole in coordination and balance.  The Pre-Formance program includes individual instruction with each athlete to focus on body awareness, proper musculoskeletal alignment, and injury issues/prevention. Designed to promote healthy neuromuscualr movement patterns, percise coordination and control in a proper range of motion, the Pre-Formance program helps athletes go to the next level in training and game performance by working intentionally, efficiently and in symmetry.