Introduction to Pilates:  A new Pilates student should start with two private lessons, one fundamental reformer and one fundamental mat.  These lessons are intended to build a foundation for success by introducing exercises with an emphasis on breath, abdominal support and pelvic/spinal alignment.  Clients will begin to understand their body and gently explore correct movement. 

Following the first two lessons, we will discuss how you have enjoyed your Pilates introduction and if it is the direction you would take for your health goals.  We will also talk about how you would like to move forward with your Pilates training - Private lessons, semi-privates,  classes or a combination of all three.

Private Lessons:  One-on-one instruction utilizing the mat and Pilates equipment.  A private is the most personalized type of lesson.

Duet/Semi-Private Lessons:  Get together with a friend and enjoy lessons together.  You need to be around the same level (Know Your Pilates Level).  Duets are a great way to benefit from very personalized instruction while sharing time and cost with your partner.  If you are interested in duets, but don't have a partner in mind, we can pair you with someone working at a similar level and with compatible goals.

Classes:  Join a class of 3 or 4 participants.  Classes remain small so all participants receive personalized direction.  Our classes are ordered by level of ability and challenge - Level I-V (Know Your Pilates Level).  A punch card is required for mat class participation and are available in sets of 10.  See Class Guide page to learn more about each class.

Open Studio:  Empower yourself to enjoy the freedom of an independent workout.  Check the schedule for times to have access to various apparatus with instructor supervision.  Instructor permission required to be eligible for this training.  A punch card is required for open studio times in a set of 10 sessions.

Instructor Workout:  Enjoy an invigorating and fast paced workout with Leigh.  This will most often be on the reformer at an intermediate to advanced level.  This is a great opportunit to practice the exercises at tempo.  Check with Leigh for times and availibility. 


Private Lessons                  $55.00 per lesson       

Duet on Equipment             $32.00 per lesson       

Duet on Mat                       $25.00 per lesson

Intro to Pilates                    $100.00 for 2 sessions

Mat Classes                        $15.00 per class   

Open Studio Sessions          $10.00 per session                

Instructor Workout              $10.00 per session

Studio Card                        $100.00 minimum        Privates, Duets and classees deducted as taken