Pilates Equipment & Class Descriptions

Reformer:  Joe Pilates created all the Pilates equipment to act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health. The reformer accesses the weak or illusive areas of your body to uniformly build alignment, muscular balance and aerobic, flowing movement. Limited to privates and duets.  

Pole/Tower:  Pilates pole or tower equipement allows students to benefit from the support of spring tension to better develop resilient, powerful muscles; strong, smooth, decompressed joints, and potent core strength. Limited to privates and duets. 

Low Chair:  The Pilates chair's unique and versatile design enables everyone to get amazing results - from the most injured client, who uses it to rehabilitate - to the most advanced students challenging themselves with pushups, backbends, and headstands. Limited to privates and duets.  

Mat Class:  The essence of all Pilates work, mat Pilates classes are a series of floor exercises designed to create uniform development, long muscles, core strength and breath control. Pilates equipment such as the Magic Circle and foam roller are often utilized.  Limited to 3-4 participants.

Men's Mat:  The essence of all Pilates work, Mat classes are a series of floor exercises.  This class is designed for men and their needs - strengthening smaller muscles, lengthening tight muscles and developing uniform & fluid movement.  Limited to 3-4 participants. 

Open Studio:  Empower yourself and enjoy the freedom of an independent workout! During these hours you will have access to various apparatus with instructor supervision.  Instructor permission required.

Prenatal and Postpartum Classes:  Tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the arms, legs, and back to support the shifting center of gravity and loosening ligaments. Postpartum, utilize this class to bring your body back to its full power!  Scheduled for 8 week sessions and by request.  Limited to 3-4 participants.  










Calendar Information

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