Know Your Pilates Level

Levels I-V

Fundamental:  We recommend that new clients begin their class experience with at least one fundamental reformer and one fundamental mat class. These classes introduce the principals needed to build the foundation for a successful Pilates experience. Clients will gain a new understanding of their body and begin a gentle exploration of correct movement - with particular emphasis on breath control, abdominal support, and pelvic/spinal alignment.

Beginning - Level I:  At this level clients will experience a well-rounded workout with emphasis on increased coordination, breath capacity, precise control, concentration and "moving from your center". Clients will also be introduced to the Pilates vocabulary and the names of each exercise to become more familiar and at ease with their practice.

Beginning/Intermediate - Level II:  Building upon the basics, this level introduces more challenging exercises. Clients will become more adept at performing the flowing Pilates movements with increased breath capacity, mental control, and utilization of the core.

Intermediate - Level III:  These classes move at a faster tempo and assume clients understand the chorography of each exercise at this level. Clients will be challenged with more complicated exercises, and more dynamic, flowing movements.

Intermediate/Advanced - Level IV-V:  For clients experienced and strong in their Pilates, who are now honing more powerful pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation and overall uniform development.

Advanced - Level V:  A vigorous opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates exercised executed "at tempo". Exhilarating!!